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FYI: Penile-Preserving, Laproscopic Peritoneal-Pullthrough GCS with Dr. Heidi Wittenberg in a month-ish

(obviously, throwaway. But I like the username so much I might use it more.)


I'll be having "Penile-Preserving, Laproscopic Peritoneal-Pullthrough GCS" at MozaicCare, with Dr. Heidi Wittenberg, in around a month. Yep folks, the peritoneal hype train just keeps coming!
The peritoneal tissue will be used for the vaginal canal, and the scrotal tissue for the rest. My penis stays as it is. It's 1-stage surgery but a labia revision afterward is on the table.
This post is 0) giving back to yall, because figuring out this stuff all really sucks without this sub & HiddenStill, 1) to encourage me to discuss post-op stuff afterwards, and 2) to answer questions and address alot of nonsense to be found online about PPT. Because, goddamn, the amount of uninformed "information" flying around about PPT is pretty bad.

Why am I doing this specific surgery?

Why "Penile-Preserving"?

Before I heard that non-binary transfemme GCS was possible, I was pretty ambivalent about it. Of course, I'd much rather have been born with the traditional female parts, but after my orchiectomy last year, I didn't feel like it was worth going further with current GCS tech. I did/do have bottom dysphoria, but it was about not having a vagina, not about having a penis.
Hearing about non-binary transfemme GCS was mind-blowing, frankly. It was all of what I wanted. I am transitioning to binary female (albeit gender nonconforming), but I have my reasons:

Why "Laproscopic Peritoneal-Pullthrough" (PPT)?

This is the part that gets everyone's panties in a bunch.
Addressing the Confusion
There's been alot of noise about Dr. Ting & PPT, as well as some other people. It seems like, with most surgeons, the problem they have with PPT is the laproscopic part. A surgeon needs the training & equipment to use a special robot to go through your belly-button and do crazy stuff in there. Since GCS traditionally isn't done with robots, lots of surgeons don't have that experience/training. Also, there are different types/extents of PPT - as the surgeon for specifics.
As to the "surgeons don't recommend it because there's problems with PPT": hopefully you've read all about how PPT has been used successfully throughout the last few decades for cis women who needed work done down there. PPT is proven tech, just not-so-much for GCS. However! There's not alot of long-term data on PPT, whether for cis or trans people.
As to the "Dr. Ting/etc. stopped doing it": they actually haven't, AFAIK. Ask them yourself if you want a better answer :~).
All that said, it is new-ish tech for GCS, but I feel confident. I've talked with a past patient of Dr. Wittenberg's that had my same surgery, and things checked out. Also watch (Dr. Wittenberg talks about PPT). Basically, she has a uniquely useful background to perform PPT GCS.
Pros & Cons for PPT GCS (with Dr. Wittenberg)
So is PPT better or worse than the other methods?!
It all boils down to this.
I've been in the same boat as alot of you - obsessively researching and calculating esoteric Transgender Maths™ to determine what's best and yadahyadahyadah.
If you're keeping your penis, then yes, I'm pretty confident that PPT GCS (with Dr. Wittenberg) is the best one else is even advertising non-binary surgery, let alone PPT. I'm guessing she has the most experience by a wide margin.
If you're not keeping your penis: I dunno, sorry. The big tradeoff seems to be secreting (good) vs. not penile-sensate (bad). However, I know some people (Dr. Ting?) just use PPT for a part of the canal, and used the good 'ole penis/scrotal tissue for the rest. I'd guess that would be the best of both worlds.
Soapbox time about PPT & its reception in the community
Alot of people don't want to admit that newer GCS tech could be (unilaterally) better than the stuff people were doing decades ago, because they've had the old surgeries done and don't want to feel that they're "missing out" on new stuff. Some of these people spread misinformation in an attempt to get affirmation that they aren't, actually, missing out on anything.
It's just simple insecurity, which is endemic in the trans* community, because transphobia & such. With the anonymity of reddit, this misinformation can spread as easily as the truth if one is relying only on the testimony of random users. Please, refer to more reliable sources, including: official surgeon stuff, actual pictures, verified testimony, academic work, and even common sense. Or at least explore a user's history - there's a few usernames who obviously have a bone to pick.
Older techniques have their place, but the recent proliferation of trans* awareness & respectability means that the surgery tech is getting better. PPT is part of this evolution, but I bet I'll have an outdated vagina in as soon as half a decade. This can't be such a big deal to people. Progress in this area will happen for the foreseeable future, and us outdated-vaginas shouldn't be insecure about it.
We all need to chill and not let insecurity or regret get in the way of providing accurate & useful advice to pre-op people.

Why did I choose Dr. Wittenberg?

  1. She does the surgery I want, unlike 99% (100%?) of other GCS surgeons
  2. She's covered by insurance somehow (I swear, all my luck in my life was used up for this)
  3. Her aesthetics are as good as any collection of GCS results I've seen. Fair warning, I've dated enough to be able to spot differences pretty easily, but I'm fine with that for me because, dudes, I'm keeping my penis.
  4. The in-person consultation was good. I've had bad consults, so this actually means something.

Surgery logistics & details (paraphrased from the materials given to me)

Finances, location, pre- & post-op appointments

Pre-op preparation, medications

Recovery & dilation

Important stuff to considebring

EDIT: woah, yall. This (relatively) blew up. Good to know it's useful.
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